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Super Junior Becomes Sexy Spaniards in Lo Siento While Album Tops iTunes Charts!

The King of Hallyu aka Super Junior is back with a sexy and charming image in their new Lo Siento music video featuring Leslie Grace.

They dropped their newest album and music video which features the ever so sexy American singer and songwriter. The title song Lo Siento has a Latin vibe to it which will get anyone up on their feet.

Aye, papi! 

According to Allkpop, the latin-inspired track is the title song of Super Junior’s repackaged version of their 8th full album Replay. The members set the bar higher than their previous albums as they invited American hit singer Leslie Grace to be a part of Lo Siento.

Lo Siento is about being carried away by the sight of a beautiful stranger. Hence, as seen in the MV, all seven Super Junior members turn into sexy guys who charm their way into the girl’s heart. 

Image via Allkpop

Oh, how I wish to be that girl! 

Furthermore, Replay became a huge success despite being a newly released album. It topped the iTunes album charts in a total of 28 countries! 

Replay also contains the group’s title track Lo Siento featuring Leslie Grace which ranked No.1 on the iTunes album charts in Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Malaysia, and more.

Super Junior’s new album is doing very well despite Heechul being absent from the live promotions due to health problems. He is still suffering from difficulties in dancing due to the aftereffects of his leg surgery.

Although he is not actively taking part in Lo Siento promotions, he still supports the members in many ways. 

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, fans can catch Super Junior through their promotions of Lo Siento on music shows. For the Korean version, the song will be featuring KARD instead throughout this weekend’s music shows.

Once again, a huge congratulations to the King of Hallyu, Super Junior, for gaining huge success once again!

Super Junior fighting!

For those who haven’t watch this amazing music video, check it out below:                             

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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