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T.O.P Being Investigated For Breaking Law As Public Service Worker

Big Bang’s T.O.P is under investigation by Yongsan district authorities for releasing Big Bang’s pre-enlistment song Flower Road for fans!


According to Allkpop, T.O.P recorded Flower Road around 2015 to 2016 which is far long before his enlistment. The was song eventually released on March 13th, 2018, which is in the middle of his enlistment as a public officer.

This has drawn lots of attention and debate on whether he did break the law or not.

The Yongsan district authorities made an inquiry to the Seoul Police on whether T.O.P broke Article 28 of the law regulating public service workers which prevents public service workers from having other jobs while enlisted.


Image via SBS

To this matter, the Yongsan district authorities said:

“We asked for confirmation on whether the song release is allowed. The Military Manpowers Administration will be looking over the situation by this week and give us an answer.”

However, T.O.P has told the district beforehand that the song was recorded around 2015 to 2016. But, he has no acknowledgement on when was the song going to be released.

Image via SBS

Apart from this, in order to get a clearer view on what is going on, the district has requested T.O.P to submit his contract for investigation so they can look through the contract period as well as the relationship on song production.

When asked on the progress of the investigation, the Military Manpowers Administration said:

“We cannot let you know the details.”

Hmmm~ Mysterious.

Image via YouTube


Flower Road is Big Bang’s last gift to fans before the members joined the military service.

It is co-written by members G-Dragon and Top. The song also reflects the members’ feelings about their temporary hiatus and is meant to cheer up fans while the band members are away from the K-pop scene.

All VIPs, let’s just hope that T.O.P will be okay and finish off his service as soon as possible!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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