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Winning None Out Of 5 Nominations; People Think Ariana Grande Got Robbed Just Like Mariah Had In 1996

Young Ariana run pop!

If you weren’t living under a rock for the past one year, 2019 is literally the year of “Thank You, Next”. With many songs in the studio album that went hit worldwide with the likes of “Thank You, Next”, “7 Rings” and “Imagine”, the album immediately became an anthem for Arianators out there.

▲ Ariana arrived at the red carpet in a custom Giambattista Valli ball gown made of a gray-colored tulle.

And with her coming back on the Grammys this year after missing out the fun in 2019, fans were anticipating a lot for the young queen of pop as she was nominated for a total of five awards, including Album Of The Year for “Thank You, Next”. But everything went downhill when Grande walked away with no awards by the end of the night!

▲ While she sat in the crowd, Grande took up several seats just for her dress to fit.

Grande whom made headlines as soon as she set her foot onto the red carpets, had at least five changes of outfits for the night! And not only that, she was also invited to perform on stage—singing “Imagine”, “Thank You, Next” and “7 Rings”.

▲ Grande performing “Imagine” in a custom Givenchy dress.

When Album Of The Year trophy got won over by Billie Eilish whom took the world by storm with her phenomenal sounds, Arianators can’t help but feel that Grande has been robbed as she was voted the most by fans to win the title!

▲ Grande made an outfit swap for “7 Rings” and “Thank You, Next”.

This further made obvious when Eilish herself included Grande in her winning speech by pointing out “I think Ariana deserves this” as she went on stage to receive her award for Album Of  The Year.

The world of social media immediately went havoc with heated discussion, pointing out Ariana’s situation is eerily similar to Mariah Carey back in 1996!

Carey who was nominated for six nominations on the Grammy Awards 1996, also walked out with no trophy in her hands despite invited to perform for the night and had one of the most iconic moment back in the days.

Even though Grande did awe the audience with her magnificent performance on stage, fans are upset that she did not get the recognition she deserves—calling the awards “snub”.

▲ Grande slipped back into the Givenchy ball gown for her final Grammy look.

So what do you think? Did Billie Eilish deserve the win or Ariana got robbed?

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