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BTS’ IDOL Outfits are So Expensive, You’ll Vomit Blood at the Prices

Recently, there has been a debate going on about how BTS’ outfits are getting more and more out of hand.

True enough, they’re style has evolved from a rap and R&B style to the bold prints and colours we see in IDOL.

But of course, their eccentric outfits aren’t something you can get at the dollar store. Some of these clothes are so darn expensive, we can’t even afford it with a whole month’s salary!

Check out these 16 crazily priced items:

16. J-Hope’s Rieti Glasses

Price: $70 (RM290)


15. Jimin’s Delada Sleeves

Price: $200 (RM830)


14. V’s V:Sun Glasses

Price: $200 (RM830)


13. RM’s JW Anderson Top

Price: $300 (RM1,245)


12. Jimin’s Gucci x New York Yankees Cap

Price: $400 (RM1,660)


11. RM’s Comme des Garçons Shirt

Price: $480 (RM1,992)


10. J-Hope’s Nike Sneakers

Price: $490 (RM2,034)


9. Jungkook’s Off-court Sneakers

Price: $530 (RM2,200)


8. V’s JW Anderson Shirt

Price: $550 (RM2,283)


7. Jungkook’s Valentino Sneakers

Price: $750 (RM3,113)


6. RM’s Gucci Shorts

Price: $750 (RM3,113)


5. Jimin’s Gucci Collared-Shirt

Price: $870 (RM3,611)


4. J-Hope’s Gucci Sweater

Price: $1,290 (RM5,354)


3. Jin’s Gucci Jacket

Price: $2,950 (RM12,245)


2. RM’s Alanui Cardigan

Price: $4,180 (RM17,350)


1. Suga’s Gucci Sweater

Price: $5,200 (RM21,584)


Well, most of us can’t afford any of that…but at least these boys can and look fabulous in them too.

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