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Find Out Your Personality by Building Your Ideal Home in this Quiz

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space or searching for inspiring travel locales, Airbnb has your back (with the help of a few interior design experts)!

Take a look at the five design personalities below and find out which decorating trend for 2019 best suits you!


You resonate deeply to the descriptions “introverted” and “organised”. When you enter your workplace, you dream of tidy, clean and modern lines filling the space, reflecting your mantra of, “less is more”.

Minimalist’s focus on the essentials, keep everything down to its most simple qualities and living with items that mean the most to you.

Wherever you travel, you want to be in spaces with clean lines and sleek finishes and you always seem to be able to find beauty in the modest.

Your go-to colour palette: Earthy tones like blacks, greys, sands and beiges.

Your ideal travel activity: Sushi and museum hopping in Tokyo.



March to the beat of your own drum? A little bit extroverted and bold? Perhaps a bit spontaneous as well? Eclectic style is you to a T.

You enjoy not being defined by a single design and practising controlled chaos is what you’re all about! After all, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a home full of velvet, lacquer, and animal print.

Think funky tiles, bright artwork and mood lighting to help you feel at home. A destination that oozes bold pops of vibrant colour and bringing your surroundings to life is calling! Will you answer?

Your go-to colour palette: Neon mixed with muted tones.

Your ideal travel activity: Going wild at a music festival in Prague.



Free spirited and individuality come to mind when people describe you. You are drawn to free expression and often turn to nature to draw creativity.

The Bohemian design personality is all about being carefree and whimsical; with a constant need to bring home macramé and vintage furniture to create and enhance your sanctuary.

You tend to gravitate towards constant travel to spark your inner artist and wherever work or life takes you, you’ve got your terrarium close by. Plants, patterned textiles and good vibes are all you need to nail a bohemian-inspired vacation.

Your go-to colour palette: 50 shades of green. Solid colours need not apply.

Your ideal travel activity: Getting zen at yoga retreat down in New Zealand.



Your aesthetic is minimalism meets elegance; a match made in heaven. Scandinavian design lovers live for sophistication paired with functionality. We’re talking people who are cultured, easy to talk to and reliable.

To be productive, you crave calming, neutral desaturated tones and materials. Scandinavian design personalities find their design vibe is a calm, clutter-free, pared-back look; similar to their travel destinations.

On vacation, you are inspired by bright rooms filled with inviting textures, specifically chunky knit blankets and natural materials; such as light wood and stone throughout. Travelling to the Nordics has never felt so right.

Your go-to colour palette: Charcoal, browns and stone white; with a drop of one accent colour.

Your ideal travel activity: Immersing yourself in the Nordic culture by bike riding across Copenhagen. Maybe finding yourself a Danish prince while you’re at it.


Mid-Century Modern

Calling all optimists! A Mid-Century Modern Design Personality screams positivity and openness; with a dash of retro-inspired interiors and need for comfort.

While travelling you seek spaces that have an open floor plan often with large glass windows incorporating nature into the design.

When you’re not exploring, your ideal workplace is a corner office with floor to ceiling glass windows.

Your go-to colour palette: Reds, tangerine (no, not orange), yellows and teals.

Your ideal travel activity: Palm Springs for some well-deserved R&R.


Aren’t you curious which of these you are? Play the quiz right here!

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