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Skip the Queue at KFC by Simply Using the KFC Self Collect e-vouchers from Lazada

Malaysia’s top eCommerce and Shoppertainment platform, Lazada Malaysia, joined hands with Malaysia’s leading quick service chain, KFC, to offer customers a quick and hassle-free way to get  finger lickin’ good deals on the Lazada platform this Ramadan.

Consumers can opt to skip the queue and buka puasa with discounts on their KFC favourites combined with the convenience of collecting their meals at a preferred date, time at selected Self Collect KFC restaurants.

The announcement of the partnership makes KFC Malaysia the first restaurant chain to open a Flagship Store on LazMall, and is part of an ongoing effort to provide Malaysians with greater access and more exciting promotions through eCommerce.

Shoppers can now visit the KFC Flagship Store on LazMall via the Lazada app to purchase KFC Self Collect e-vouchers.

They will receive an e-voucher code through email which can be subsequently applied during order placement on the KFC App or KFC.com.my. Customers will get to select their preferred store, date and time for self-collection.

Beat the queue and choose from a wide variety of KFC meals such as Snacker Box, Dinner Plate, Zinger Burger and many more with a special deal every day this Ramadan season, from now until 23 June 2019; redeemable at 108 KFC outlets nationwide.

Diana Boo, Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Malaysia said,

“With an increasing number of Malaysian consumers shifting to eCommerce for their lifestyle needs, Lazada continues to expand its list of products and services which now includes food and beverage.

“We are excited to combine our superior tech infrastructure and talent to change the way that brands and sellers interact with consumers via the Lazada app.

“This comes as brands are increasingly looking for ways to engage with consumers outside of traditional shopping parameters.

“As the first restaurant chain on Lazada, KFC’s Self Collect deals offer Malaysians a convenient and affordable solution as they gather with family and friends this Ramadan, wherever they may be.”

According to Angelina Villanueva, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia, the partnership aligns with the brand’s customer-centric strategy to create more value and greater service accessibility for its customers to enjoy offerings from KFC through varied touchpoints.

She added,

“KFC Self Collect is our latest feature on our KFC App and website to further complement our dine-in and delivery service.

“The integration of technology allows us to offer customers more ways to access KFC.”

Follow the KFC Flagship Store on LazMall to receive updates and latest promotions.

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