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She eats chicken every day! No kidding. Let’s face it, as Malaysians we love to eat. And we love to eat outside.

With the culture of eating out deeply embedded in our hearts, we have also become accustomed to exploring food places, making sure that the meals we stuff in our tummy are the best in quality, taste and of course price. Sorry lah, we Malaysians memang cheapos.

A local celebrity, Liyana Jasmay, is proving that she’s a Jane of all trades. Apart from being an actress, a singer and the founder of a luxury fashion house, she is now venturing into the food and beverage business, by opening her very own restaurant!

The menu of her brand new restaurant specialise in ayam kampung dishes cooked in Malay-Indo style.

Turning her passion of eating chicken, which she claims to eat EVERYDAY, Liyana with the support of her hubby opened Restoran Ayam Kampung in Taman Melawati (next to Bank Rakyat) which has been operating for almost a month now.

Basing her restaurant on the concept of “farm to plate”, she combines organic produce from a farm run by her husband, Fathuddin in Kuang, with her cooking.

With the couple’s passion for Malay-Indo style cuisines, which they derived from travelling across the region, especially in Bandung area and Sabah, the idea for the restaurant was thus born.

Putting health at the forefront of her passion for eating, the organic farm was started by Fathuddin, Liyana’s husband who oversees almost 3000 free-range organic chickens being reared in the farm.

Besides that, they also grow their own kangkung and chilies in the farm which are later used in dishes such Nasi Goreng Kampung and their various signature dishes.

Besides, their passion for “menjamu” (serving) people clearly shows in the concept of the restaurant which has a family friendly atmosphere with a grey and white interior as well as a CLEAN TOILET!

Yes, because that’s the thing that makes or breaks a restaurant!

Did we also mention that Liyana and her husband love Indo cooking so much that they actually flew sous chefs all the way from Bandung to be the cook at their restaurant? Oh yes!

An array of mouth-watering dishes are available but my favourite has to be the Iga Bakar or the Smoked Beef Ribs which is crunchy, chewy, soft and juicy at the same time.

And nothing can go wrong if you have any of the chicken, beef or fish alongside their infamous Rica sambal which has a sweet and sour flavour but leaves a very hot aftertaste.

So, if you’re looking for a family-friendly and budget-friendly dining experience, you might wanna give this place a go! And there’s also a free-flow Sirap drink in case your tongue can’t handle the heat! Yayy to that!

You should totally follow the restaurant’s Instagram account for the latest updates too at @restoranayamkampung

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