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This is the beauty product you will always need, based on your zodiac

When shopping for beauty products, there are many factors to consider: price, popularity of the brand, reviews, recommendation from others…

According to astrology expert Katie Huang, perhaps you should consider your zodiac sign because apparently there are certain items that you can’t live without.

Let’s see which beauty product relates to your own sign, and ask yourself if it has played a major role in your looks all this while.

Aries: brow product

Huang says Arians are always on the go. So they usually choose effortless eyebrow products, like pencils and pomades that can get the work done with simple swipes yet offer a natural look.

Taurus: luxe face masks

Credit: Elizaveta Galitckaia/Shutterstock

People with this sign don’t like to skimp on time or quality when it comes to their skincare or beauty routine. Huang says they even like to wear face masks while in bed.

Gemini: nail colour

According to Huang, Gemini people is said to “rule the nervous system— shoulders, arms, and hands included” and “loves having options at their fingertips.” That explains it!

Cancer: lip balm

Credit: Liukov/Shutterstock

Cancer is “drawn towards beauty products that provide a sense of nourishment.” And besides providing moisture and SPF-protection, the tinted version of the product can also add a pop of colour.

Leo: bronzer

This fire sign is ruled by the sun, so Leos feel “at ease in the spotlight.” Therefore an everyday bronzer offers a touch of glow  and warmth.

Virgo: facial cleanser

People born under this sign prefer “practical skincare products that provide a quick clean.” The perfect product for them is facial cleansers like micellar water.

Libra: lip scrub

Credit: Moonbox and M + A Naturals

Libran women are flirty and sociable, so lip scrubs are ideal for them in achieving the perfect pout.

Scorpio: mascara

Scorpio is mysterious and alluring, so high-volume mascaras can be used to highlight those features.

Sagittarius: setting spray

A Sagittarian loves adventures and is always on the move. Therefore setting sprays can be helpful in keeping her makeup looking fresh for hours.

Capricorn: lipstick

Credit: frantic00/Shutterstock

Capricorns love practical things, so lipsticks are their go-to product. “When it comes to beauty trends, [Capricorns] prefer functional items with more staying power than whatever the latest fad is,” said Huang.

Aquarius: eye shadow

Apparently Aquarians love to shock people or push boundaries, so “a dash of neon eye shadow will be sure to have people doing a double take.”

Pisces: eyeliner

People under this sign are “dual in nature”. Huang recommends a double ended liquid eye pencil, which is a dual eyeliner that combines a velvety matte formula on one side, and a shiny metallic on the other.

Source: Insider

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