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Featured Mon, 30 Mar 2020
Eat Travel Mon, 30 Mar 2020

Makan hatinya tengok Adele sekarang, jom cuba sirtfood diet

Hilang 3 kilogram dalam masa seminggu.

Fab Foodies! Wed, 8 Jan 2020

Eating Healthy Is Just Too Expensive For A Single Person Who Rents In The City!

It is best for our body but theoretically is it possible in this economy?

Fab Foodies! Mon, 23 Dec 2019

Two Apples A Day Can Control Cholesterol?

Those who has concerns on lowering their cholesterol level, you might want to read this.

LIFESTYLE Fri, 20 Dec 2019

4 Definite “No, No!” Things To Do When Wearing Make Up

If you’re a makeup lover, make sure you clean your canvas first before hitting these activities.

LIFESTYLE Wed, 4 Dec 2019

Braces; What Is It? Who Should Wear Them? And How Long Should It Be Worn?

Here’s 101 guide for braces beginners! You might want to read this first before getting yours!

Trending Tue, 3 Dec 2019

How Many Eggs Can I Eat In A Day? Will Eating Two Gives Me Cholesterol?

Some cook them, some consume it raw. Eggs are good source of healthy protein, but are they really?

Fab Foodies! Thu, 7 Nov 2019

A Talk About Cereal: A Sugar Bomb Camouflaged as Healthy Food?

Cereal has always been advertised as a better alternative to a healthier lifestyle, but the question is, is it really?

Fab Foodies! Fri, 2 Aug 2019

4 Easy Healthy Pasta Dishes that are Guilt-Free even at 12AM

This is for the boys and girls out there who are constantly on a struggle of keeping that summer bod on point but crave for carbs 25/7!

LIFESTYLE Thu, 18 Oct 2018

Euwww…Perhatikan Wajah Korang Secara Teliti, Ada Tak BENDA Ni?

Perhatikan makanan yang korang ambil setiap hari. Lihat kuantiti minyaknya, itu juga salah satu faktor mengapa blackhead atau whitehead ‘menggila’.

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