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80’s Singer Nassier Wahab Passed Away, Battled With Cancer

A person that departs from this Earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds.

Once an often-talked-about superstar in the 80’s, Datuk Nassier Wahab — full name Mohd Nasir Abd Wahab, has sadly breathed his last air at University Malaya Medical Centre, Petaling Jaya roughly 45 minutes past 12 before dawn today.

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The sorrowful news was brought ahead by fellow celebrity friend, Zur Eda through a WhatsApp text to other celebrity friends. 

❝ Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun… Sadly to inform that Datuk Hj Nassier Wahab just took his last breath 12.45am this morning in University Malaya Medical Centre. 

Let’s all of us recite Al-Fatihah and pray for his soul to be placed amongst others who have done good deeds. Al-Fatihah. ❞ 

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Inalillahiwainnailaihirojiun…Semoga ditempatkan bersama golongan insan yang beriman.. Mohd Nasir b Abd Wahab. . #alfatihah #takziah

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▲ Among celebrity friends that show sorrow with the late Datuk Nassier Wahab’s passing.

His passing was a shock to everyone and we can only give our condolences to the family. 

To add further, his assistant — Aliff Salim, revealed that the late singer was evidently seen pale and concerning, which resulted the doctors advising him to go through blood transfusion treatment last Tuesday. However, Datuk Nassier showed irregular reactions especially when he vomited a big amount of blood which resulted him to be verified deceased this morning.

▲ Datuk Nassier Wahab receiving treatments for his gum cancer.

Aside from Alif, the late’s wife — Fatimah Abd Rauf, 56, was also present when it all happened.

Apparently, on June 1st 2019, Datuk Nassier, 57, had gone through a major cyst removal surgery from his left jaw due to a gum cancer he had been diagnosed with.

Because of that, Datuk Nassier was always on the run for follow-up treatments with radiotherapy at the same medical centre. It was revealed that the late 80’s superstar had struggled with the disease since five years ago.

image taken from: hotfm

Aside from his wife, Datuk Nassier also had left a beautiful daughter — Intan Najihah, currently 22 years old.

Amongst of the hits that had made the late Datuk Nassier a top superstar during his era were “Memori Cinta Luka”, “Sekali Aku Jatuh Cinta” and “Bayangan Wajah Luka”.

The body was handled at Masjid Batu Belah, Klang around 8am and will be buried at Islamic Burial Ground, Batu Belah roughly around 10am.

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