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An Indonesian EXO-L got Surprised by EXO?

A recent tweet from @MsiaKPOPfans went total viral among Malaysians when a video of a bride and groom serenaded by a group of gentlemen dancing to EXO’s “Don’t Go” on a wedding reception was uploaded on 9th of July 2019.

Claimed to be taken from Indonesia, the Malaysia-based Kpop-centered Twitter account claimed that the bride in the video is an EXO-L, the fandom name of South Korea’s most famous boy group EXO. In the video, it seems like during her wedding, a group of gentlemen had surprised the bride with a never-to-be-forgotten performance of a serenade to EXO’s “Don’t Go” from their album “XOXO”. Tagged with #weddinggoals, it’s definitely every EXO-Ls’ dreams! How lucky!

Not only that, apparently the bride had also donned her bouquet with EXO’s lightstick, or often called as Eribong.

It can be seen that her love for EXO is not just a mere interest but had played such a big role in her life that she had to include them in her one in a lifetime ceremony. The lyrics of the song is beautiful, fitting on such a romantic day.

I was mesmerized by the mysterious you and stared at you and had my one soul stolen
Because I am completely drunk at your movements, I even forgot how to breathe
Like a waltz, I sit lightly and can’t take my eyes off of you
My eyes naturally follow you every time you walk

Included in the thread of the said Tweet, apparently the gentlemen are from an Indonesian dance cover crew known as Coming Soon! They have had a YouTube channel prior the event and had uploaded regular videos including dance covers and other K-pop related contents such as music video reactions and many more. They had uploaded a dance cover to EXO’s Love Shot and it is one of their most viewed contents with an amazing view counts of 655k.

This wedding ceremony is such a dream come true! Any EXO-Ls would love to do the same, am I correct? And also a big applause to the groom and the families for showing such positive support into making the bride’s dream comes true. Congratulations and may the two love birds live happily ever after.

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