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Avid Durian Eaters Out There, You Might Want to Read This Before Gobbling Another One!

The season of the King of Fruit is back, back, back again!

Streets and markets are currently filled to the brim, full of vendors selling all kinds of this delicious acquired-tasting fruit. Some of the most famous names and local favourites are Musang King, Golden Phoenix, D24, Red Prawn and many others! But one thing for sure that all of these different Durian have in common is that THEY ARE ALL STILL FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS!

Just like any previous Durian seasons, our moms and aunties will always scold us out of nowhere, telling us not to eat this, not to eat that! And just like any typical sons and daughters, we eat them anyway. Sorry mom!

So, actually what are the foods that aren’t heaven’s made match with Durian? Before y’all slam your face in this yellowy-creamy-goodness again, you might want to know that there are allegedly certain types of food that you might want to stay away after you’ve eaten Durian.

First one, alcohol.

You might have heard that eating Durian and drinking alcohol at the same time will end your life. Ok, sounds terrifying but we can’t actually confirm nor deny that claim. But one thing that we do know for sure is that the high sulfur content in Durians restrains the enzyme in our body that helps to break down alcohol. So, it means that if you are eating Durian and drunk alcohol afterwards, you might get wasted all night long. And that ain’t good my friend.

Next one is Sebastian from the Little Mermaid aka Crabs.

Crabs are said to be extremely cooling while Durians are known to heat up the body. Hence, consuming them both together might lead to unhappy tummy. If you like sad poopy, then go ahead. I’d stay away if it were me!


Mangosteen is a soft white fibrous tropical fruit that is disguised in hard purple shell. It was said that eating the two at the same time could make your body temperature to rise. Unless you drink A LOT of water, you might want to scoot over and leave the mangosteens for tomorrow. 

Moo Moo juice.

First of all, who would drink milk with Durian? I mean both of them are creamy! It’s just weird and if you enjoy that, you might be a psychopath (haha okay it’s a joke!). Nevertheless, it has been said that drinking milk with Durian can lead to high blood pressure and in rare cases, could cause fainting!


Lychee is another tropical fruit. It’s white in colour wrapped in scaly ruby skin. This queen of fruits and the king of fruits and are both hot fruits. Can you imagine what will happen when you combine the two? Ughh, scary! Guess you’ve got to save the lychee for the day after tomorrow since tomorrow’s mangosteen day right? Haha!

Any sort of Beef or Mutton! Yes! NO BEEF AND MUTTON!

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! If you aren’t, then you might want to resist the juicy temptations of this meaty goodness. Meats are often describes as “hot” foods especially from the pakciks-pakciks that have high blood pressure back in kampung. So, according to them, when consumed with durian, it may add on to the heatiness and may make you feel uncomfortable all day long.

No Starbucks after Durian guys!

Yup, that’s right! No caffeine after Durian! Okay, firstly, I don’t know why you’re normally sleepy after eating Durian, but any drink packed with caffeine are said to cause cardiac failure when consumed together with Durians. Instead of coffee, you might want to switch to plain water to reduce your body temperature first. Maybe after few hours, then you can settle down your Starbucks order.

There are no yet scientific reasoning for these claims but you know what they say, TRUST THE MAKCIK AND PAKCIKS!

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