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‘It’s better to keep silent’ – Abby Abadi Stands for Herself in a Netizen Comment Rally

The recent weekend wasn’t your typical weekend as Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam was entertained by BLACKPINK on both Saturday and Sunday.

Their world tour concert was a success and every single ticket for the concert was sold out. 

Abby Abadi the Gerak Khas star, uploaded an Instagram post of a video of the BLACKPINK’s concert with a caption of:

Source: @abby_abadi112 Instagram account

“Hang on a minute, I want to ask something before I sleep. Hasn’t anyone made a demonstration on BLACKPINK’s dress up during their concert in Malaysia?

“When Selena Gomez came, everyone was in chaos to the extent of having hajat prayers in front of the stadium. But not on BLACKPINK?

“What’s so fascinating about BLACKPINK? I must have missed the bus on this one. I’ve just known about BLACKPINK through this video.”

Her posting was followed by a few hashtags: #dontbemad, #justasking #noseasonaldemo #skirtsoshortcanseetheunderwear #thisissexyenough #buttheygotchanged #evensexier #kpopsiblings

This caption of hers has put her on the hot seat whereby some netizens were not very pleased with what she had said.

In Abby Abadi’s defence she was questioning about the dress code and dress etiquette of the K-pop girl group.

She also argued about the fact that during Selena Gomez’s time in Malaysia, her dressing became a concern and people told her to look decent, but that does not happen during BLACKPINK’s time in Malaysia.

Here are so of the comments that Abby Abadi responded to:

The comment says: 

“It’s the same as Elite back in the old days. But now all of you are well dressed. They’re young, so maybe in the coming days they’ll dress properly too. I miss Elite!”

Abby Abadi’s reply read:

“Why are you comparing them with Elite? I’m talking about this issue right now, why are you bringing up the past? Are you telling me that their future is going to change?”

Abby Abadi, a member of Malaysia’s famous girl group, Elite, did not like the fact that people were comparing BLACKPINK with her group, Elite. 

What’s bygone is bygone for her, and wishes to talk about the current issue. 

In another comment: 

The comment reads: 

“It’s not that sexy. Besides, they’re non-Muslims. You’ve once told me that we should not be bothered with their dressing be it BLACKPINK, Selana Gomez or event Taylor Swift.

“It’s better for you to worry on religious issues then caring about this K-pop issue that’s never ending.

“I read on the news today that people are putting Buddha dolls at our surau. What’s your comment on that?”

The Elite singer replied:

“You’re not getting my point here. You want to back them up so much, but it’s a shame that you actually got blocked.”

The comment seemed to be misleading and had made Abby Abadi block the account holder or the comment on her Instagram profile. 

Lastly, a netizen said: 

“Kak Abby, whom I respect. If you are really against the unethical dress code, then did you say anything or scolded any casts from Gerak Khas who used to wear really tight clothes, did you ask them to wear the hijab?

“It’s best if you keep silent, because it’s like you’re talking about yourself.

“You said you wanted to stop acting, but now you’re back in action, you used to not want to sing because the voice is considered as aurah, but there you were karaoke-ing with your ex husband and did some dancing too.”

Norman Hakim’s ex-wife responded, 

“When did I say I wanted to quit acting? I have never said that. I just stopped without saying anything because I was so caught up during that time.

“But I did say, if it’s good for my religion, I would be acting again. I do remember what I say. But if you can prove me wrong, then go ahead. I’ll be waiting.”

Most of the comments slammed Abby Abadi, and this made her feel that people are not getting the initial idea of what she actually meant in the BLACKPINK post of hers. 

Words could either make or break you, but in this case, words are very much manipulated and Abby Abadi might have to really fight to set things straight.

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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