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Japan Invented A New Way Of Staying Flawless; That Is By Spraying On A New “Skin”

On December 4th, Kao Corporation — a Japanese cosmetic company, will set a whole new standard of beauty regimen through a futuristic cosmetic tool that will magically give customers a literal second skin!

▲ The artificial skin invented by Kao Corporation is a thin layer of small liquid fibres adhere into a thin membrane of 1000th of a millimetre.

Ready for the market, ‘est’ is a liquid spray that forms into an artificial skin when it makes contact with human skin. It will miraculously cover up any kind of blemishes, moles and scars while keeping the consumers not having to worry of their skin’s moisture level.


▲The fibre bonds is stretchy, allowing it to shape in various corners of a person’s face and loose enough to allow water vapour to pass through.

‘est’ will initially be limited to Japan, retailing at 58,000 yen (RM2,200) where it will be available as a diffuser and ‘potion’ combination. The  refills can also be bought at 8,000 yen (RM303).

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Set to be expanded outside of Japan in the first quarter of 2020, Kao will also release a lotion version of ‘est’ for 12,000 yen (RM455). 

▲ The small particles of liquid fibre forms a harmonious blend with a person’s natural skin.

With such high expectation for this innovative product, Kao is hopeful for the technology to be further benefited in other medical fields for example an aid for therapeutic purposes.

Watch how amazing the product is in this promotional video from Kao!

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