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Mickey And Minnie Mouse Got A CNY Makeover @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur + Fun Festivities

Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

To welcome the auspicious Year of the Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse got a Chinese New Year makeover at Pavilion KL to bring the most prosperous CNY celebration for the year 2020!

Soaked in the festive decor with plenty of Mickey and Minnie elements in its golden Chinese New Year ornaments, the larger-than-life 3D figurines of Mickey and Minnie dressed in traditional Chinese attire sitting a top of a rotating based is the highlight that one should not be missed.

Measuring up to 20 feet high, this sculpture is Malaysia Book Of Records’ “Biggest Rotating Mickey & Minnie Sculpture”.

▲ Plenty of photo opportunities and fun activities await at Centre Court as well as delightful Mickey and Minnie merchandise.

Not only that, for this year CNY shoppers will be able to redeem “Prosperous Rewards” —Mickey and Minnie Mouse exclusive CNY merchandises—with purchases they made at the Malaysia’s premier shopping destination.

With the Chinese New Year spirit running through the mall’s walls and floors, many fun activities as well as exciting performances will be held on its grounds starting on the January 1st until the February 9th 2020—the World Dragon & Lion Dance Cultural Exhibition as one of its highlights.

For more information, visit Pavilion KL’s Instagram account at

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