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Netizens Were Amused With V BTS Choice Of Outfit During BTS Fan Meeting

When you are a member of world’s biggest boy band, people couldn’t stop but pay attention to everything you wore..

It is undeniable that BTS is word’s biggest boy band, gaining major recognition all over the world. They even won 3 awards for each categories they were nominated at the AMA’s 2019. 

The band have the biggest fan base in the world. So, it is not really a surprise that every move they made, and everything that they wore were scrutinized.

Recently, BTS held their fan meeting at Japan, showing a special tribute to their die hard fan club ARMY. 

Initially, their fans were excited to see their performance but they were also quick to notice the unique choice of outfit wore by one of the members, BTS V (Taehyung).

In a twitter posted by a user @syihax, the outfit that V was wearing look eerily similar to Malaysia’s traditional batik shirts.

The tweet has gained 15.7 k retweets and 15.5 k liked. Some of them even commented that the batik he wore usually donned by government officers and teachers. However, another user tweeted the actual t-shirt brand and we are shook to see the actual price!
It cost around RM 4K!
Well, the fans sure know how to crack a joke…

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