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‘Pakcik’ No Longer Has To Buy Burger For His Wife Again Because Secret Recipe Has Done The Deed

Still remember the uncle that only managed to buy a burger for his wife’s birthday?

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Yes, Secret Recipe has restored faith in humanity because last Saturday — 30th November 2019, the uncle, well his whole family was invited to the restaurant’s outlet in Sungai Petani to celebrate the wife’s birthday properly.

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To repay the husband’s sincerity and kindness in celebrating the wife’s birthday, Secret Recipe celebrated the special day with a whole birthday cake and a festive decoration specially for the family!

The family was immediately carved with smiles on that day!

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Not only this act of kindness shows how charitable Secret Recipe Malaysia is, but also show how loving Malaysians are. Secret Recipe Malaysia thanked Twitter fans as without their support, they couldn’t managed to do such charity.

Spread love and kindness.

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