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It was just another day for Sarah Silverman. Like most celebrities, there will always be cyberbullies spewing hate via social media. Sarah was no exception from these keyboard warriors.

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Typically, celebs would opt to ignore all these negative and mean comments. After all, haters gonna hate, right?

But one particular tweet piqued Sarah’s interest. She took notice of this man’s Twitter account after he sent her an extremely crude yet simple message.

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Somehow, something made Sarah check out Jeremy’s account to see what’s with this dude. She saw something in him, just trough the things he has posted before, and realised that he was just another hurt person.

So she decided to engage with him with love. Their conversation after that was none other than amazing.

Wow, how amazing it is that when we try to understand someone’s anger, we get to learn more about the hurt which they’re unable to express.

To understand Jeremy’s situation better, Sarah asked a few questions too.

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Gurrlll, your shrink is on another level of woke. But what he or she says is so true!

Sometimes when we’ve been beaten down so low, it is difficult to think about what we truly deserve because all our lives people have told us we’re nothing.

However, Sarah believes no matter what, we can always get out of it and be a better person.

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To make matters even more amazing for Jeremy, the actress even decided to call out for help on behalf of him.

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After her shout out, many people hopped onto helping Jeremy out of his despair. Others were also extremely touched by her kindness.

Sometimes, even normal people like us get flak for no reason as well, and the typical human reaction is to defend ourselves.

However, Sarah has shown that by showing love and compassion, we could actually make for a better world. Let’s try this method out the next time someone unexpectedly throw shade us.

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