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This Bollywood Actress Speaks About Her Battle With Cancer, Pens Emotional Message To Women

To all the women out there, we can make a change starting from today!

Who doesn’t recognize the name Sonali Bendre? Once upon a time, she became the subject of Bollywood’s adoration. A world class legendary actress, Sonali Bendre proves that she’s a major player in the scene, starring alongside other’s Bollywood A-listers like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan.

Sonali’s life took a change from the glamorous limelight to a series of chemotherapy treatment when she was diagnosed with cancer on July 2008, she received moral support from her husband, Goldie Behl to undergo cancer treatment in New York.  Her spirit and strength were what made her who she is today, being positive become a “life turning point” for her.

The actress was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, her doctor said she only had a 30 percent chance to stay alive. The 44 years old actress couldn’t accept the fact but after she got an advice from a psychiatrist, whom she met in New York Sonali began to change her perspective towards cancer. 

According to the psychiatrist, cancer was usually caused by genetics and virus. After getting 4 months treatment in New York, Sonali Bendre came back to India with a renewed strength and a positive outlook, the actress even took to  Instagram to share her cancer journey

Sonali has shared her advice to all cancer survivors, asking them not to easily give up, she also urged people to get medical check up regularly.

To all the cancer survivors out there, the only way to live life is to fight and yes we can fight CANCER! 

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