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This Is How EXO’s Suho React He Received This Brand New Smartphone From Fans In Malaysia

There’s one thing, people can’t resist even if he’s a member of the famous K-pop boyband..

It is none other than the..

Iphone 11 Pro

Last Saturday, EXO came to Malaysia for their concert, EXO Planet #5 – Exploration concert tour, which saw the popular outfit performing in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia as well.

The famous K-pop boyband is expected to head back to Japan for three more shows, followed by another three concerts in South Korea before year end.

We couldn’t overlook the fact that one of the member, Suho received a brand new Iphone 11 Pro while he was performing on the stage. Apparently, a fan threw the brand new smartphone on stage and Suho picked it up!

Check out Suho’s reaction:

He actually look so happy and couldn’t quite believe his ‘luck’..We wonder who’s that generous fan?

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