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Where Did The Number Of Likes Go? Why Did Instagram Hide Them?

If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram for the past 24 hours, big chance that you may have noticed that there’s a slight noticeable difference to your feed right?

If you didn’t notice or wasn’t really an avid user of the platform, Instagram has recently shocked the world when it started to hide the numbers of likes of posts from the public!

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As soon as the new update hit the users, mixed reactions were given from users all over the world — especially social media influencers and social media marketers.

Apparently, this new feature is still in its trial mode and Malaysia happened to be amongst the other six countries to undergo this! And Instagram has no plan on keeping this initiative as it is, in fact they are expanding the trials to other countries as well.

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From the social media’s official Twitter account, Instagram explains that even though the public may not be able to see the number of likes from the post, the users themselves can still check the numbers by tapping through the “Likes” button.

Pushing the new update; instead of showing exact numbers, it will be replaced with “thousands” or “millions” of likes. This is because Instagram is taking a positive initiative for users stray away from focusing too much from the metric measurements of “likes” and “engagement”, instead focus on the content you want to share.

We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos, not how many likes they get.

— Instagram, reported by inews.

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