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Event Emcee Asks Audience to Chant Sexist Remark at TWICE

Being the host of an event, the person must always do their best to entertain the crowd just like the artists who are also performing.

Even though some regard it as merely speaking, it takes talent to be able to interact well with the audience. However, this would also mean that the emcee must be wise in their choice of words.

Lee Jung Pyo was one of those hosts who totally messed up after he made the mistake of asking the crowd to chant a sexist remark at TWICE.

It was an event held at Sungkyunkwan University on May 11th, 2018, Koreaboo reported. TWICE performed What is Love?, Heartshaker and LIKEY, and they then left the stage.

However, just as the members went off, the audience began shouting ‘encore’ in hopes for one more song.

In response to this, Jung Pyo said to the crowd,

“Our TWICE doesn’t come back on stage when you chant ‘encore’. You need to chant ‘service’.

“Service! Louder! Why are your voices getting weaker? One more time. One, two, three, four. Service! Service!”

Innocently, the crowd chanted along as per the emcee’s words. ‘Service’ is a Korean slang for freebies, discounts or extra services.

Although the term is often used in different situations, there is also a sexual connotation to it too. In South Korea, they have Room Saloons which is the place where people go to to have sexily dressed ladies entertain and drink with them.

Using the word service in this context would refer to sexual acts.

Source: Naver

Even if it wasn’t Jung Pyo’s intention to apply any sexual note to the word, it is still regarded as degrading because the Korean dictionary states that the word means “to personally help or to do a superior’s bidding”.

Jung Pyo also only told the audience to chant the word for TWICE but not any of the other performers during that event.

After noticing the backlash, the emcee released a statement of apology which read,

“Hello this is the event host from Sungkyunkwan University, Lee Jung Pyo.

“I would like to sincerely apologise to everyone who came to the event, all of the students who worked hard to put on the event, the TWICE members, and the fans.

“It was such an honour for me to introduce TWICE to the Sungkyunkwan University’s event on the 11th.

“After seeing everyone so excited during TWICE’s stage, I thought it would be great for the invited artist to sing one more song. As soon as their last song ended, many people began shouting encore.”

“Thinking of how stars give fan-service to their fans, I encouraged everyone to chant service instead of encore. I didn’t think my actions could be seen in a different light than I had intended.

“I continually grow apologetic because I hurt a lot of people’s feelings because of my actions and I know I would never be able to console everyone’s heart to the fullest. I was lacking and immature.

“I sincerely apologise to everyone.

“I am so sorry for causing emotional pain to the students and fans through my mistake. I was very lacking with my choice of words as a host.

“With this, I bow my head and apologise to the audience, students, TWICE fans, and everyone who was hurt from the event. I’m sorry. I will be more careful in the future.”

Of course, not everyone was very forgiving. Many upset fans still lashed out at the emcee for being “cheap” and “perverted”.

Meanwhile, others felt that his explanation was true and he just made an honest mistake. What do you think of this controversy?

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