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Here’s a New Oppa for Everyone to Fangirl Over; Lui Peng

Chinese-British heartthrob Lui Peng should be the next Oppa everyone’s eyeing. A smooth sultry voice coupled with devilishly handsome features, who could resist the singer!

Born and raised for a bit in China, his family moved to England when he was just 9-years-old. Lui (pronounced loo-wee) seriously ventured into music when he was about 14-years-old.

In an interview with xtra, Lui said,

“I was in the choir when I was 8, but really, I had no interest in that. When I was 14, I got a guitar for Christmas and through that, I learned how to play a few simple songs.

“I did my grade 3 in classical (guitar) and then moved on to doing electric (guitar) up to Grade 4, but I pretty much gave up on that because it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

“I wanted to write songs and sing.

“Back then my voice wasn’t great and my mum always had a go at me for singing. But I persevered through that.

“She wanted to protect my vocal cords for when my voice did break because she that I maybe had potential.”

However, it wasn’t until Lui was signed by his manager in 2015 did he decide to properly pursue a music career.

Prior to being signed, Lui used to post some of his covers and originals onto YouTube. Though he may not have seen a breakthrough success like some of the bigger YouTube stars, he did garner a good number of subscribers and viewers.

When asked about his music path, he said,

“Before I was signed by my label, that was sort of the Demons EP era. That EP came much more organic to me because it was like I was trying to find where I was.

“Now that I have been signed by my label, I think I have established where I am as an artist myself. And I have more of an understanding of how I would like to perceive myself towards others.

“So, now that I’ve gained a little of experience under my belt, I learned how to be an artist a little bit more.

“I think I’m starting to develop my own sound which is unique to me. Probably there are a bit of people who sound like me but I’d like to think that there’s not too many.”

Lui named Ed Sheeran as one of his inspirations along with Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and Just Jack.

“But I’d like to think I’m different from them guys because I have my own style. My voice is unique to me. And none of them are Asian!”

For now though, the 25-year-old is still unsure of the direction of his music in the near future but one thing’s for sure is that there will be lots of e-piano, jazzy chords and a bit of bass.

There’ll be a bit more rapping too.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination,” Lui grinned.

But ladies, the best part is…Lui is “painfully single” and looking for someone to seriously get into a relationship with!

So this is your chance… 😉

“I really wanna find a relationship where I’m heavily devoted. I just wanna find a girl that I can put 100% into.

“But I don’t think girls want a struggling artist like me. I feel like they want someone who’s accomplished, got a company by the time they’re 25, and got a house and everything, ya know?” the handsome singer joked.

Regardless, he may find himself to be struggling but his music is definitely worthy of international recognition. Not to mention, his charming gentlemanly nature is something every girl would dream of finding in a partner.

Are you ladies excited yet?

Follow Lui’s Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube to catch more of his lovely voice and personality.

Watch his Demons music video below:


Watch No Rush below and see if you can catch a sneak peak of his body:

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