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Masya & Jeryl Proved There Is No Language Barrier In Music As They Sung 7 Languages At The Start Of New Year

Masya Masyitah and Jeryl Lee rocked on Arena Of Stars as the clock struck New Year.

On the eve of new year, Arena Of Stars—Resorts World Genting—was filled with roar of cheers coming from audience coming all over the world to experience the Masya & Jeryl “MY SISTA” New Year Countdown Concert.

Jeryl Lee, the Penang-born starlet whom made her mark by being the top six on “Sing! China” as well as Masya Masyitah, winner of Asia Legendary Rising Young Artist Award, proved that there is no limit to performing on stage when it comes to music.

Both of them performed songs of over 3 languages for the night; Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Malay, Korean, Hokkien and even Japanese.

2019 云顶 倒数演唱会 李佩玲 Masya 玛莎 中国新歌声

Paying homage to legendary and iconic songs all through the years, the two 19-year-old stars perform a total of 30 songs in celebration to a great start of the new decade.

One special moment they had with the audience during the 140 minutes concert was when Masya and Jeryl receiving ‘a sea of torchlight’ as they sung “Hai Kuo Tian Kong” and “Xi Huan Ni” originally by Beyond—a famous Hong Kong band.

2019 云顶 倒数演唱会 李佩玲 Masya 玛莎 中国新歌声

Jeryl had also shared a heart-warming moment with the audience as she dedicate a song “Jiu Gan Ting Bie Bo” to her parents, especially to her late father whom had left her when she was still teen.

” I promised not to cry whenever I sing this song. Because of my career, I wasn’t able to come home and see my parents often and it was only when my father left us that I learnt we need to appreciate them more when they are still with us”

— Jeryl Lee

2019 云顶 倒数演唱会 李佩玲 Masya 玛莎 中国新歌声

Masya on the other hand was also touched when she was offered  to appear on the stage in front of such big audience. Masya, whom had won ‘Ceria Popstar’ in 2014, revealed that it was such a great honour for her to be performing on stage because before this, she could only sing covers on YouTube. However, owing to her fans’ support, she can now stand where is now.

Both of them now has released their own musics in Mandarin. Jeryl has released her first mini album—Say Listen—while Masya released her first Mandarin single—’Sahabat Sejati’—along with Jeryl.

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