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KPOP has been an international success for many years now. Debuting as an idol in South Korea has become almost every youngsters’ dream.

That’s why there are many survival shows in Korea right now such as ‘Produce 101’, ‘Finding Momoland’, ‘Mix Nine’, ‘Idol School’, ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ and more.

There are also many foreign youngsters who made their debut in Korea. The best examples are Jackson Wang, Tzuyu, Lisa, Bam Bam, Amber, Momo, etc.

They all trained in Korean agencies since young and now, they have debuted as top notch KPOP idols.

Image via Iluminasi

Malaysia is known to have many talented individuals, but now we have our very own KPOP idol.

Let’s introduce Isaac Voo.

The Sabahan dancer was one of the 5,500 applicants who auditioned in 2016 for the show Boys24 and he made it through to the final round!

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After a total of 18 months of intense training and 260 show performances held in Korea, Isaac won with a total of 43.58 points and ranked no. 6, landing him a spot in the group.

Before he debuted with IN2IT, he was famous for being the first Malaysian to take part in that program.

Image via Soompi

So, for those of you who are wonderimg “Who is IN2IT?”, let’s walk you through this brand new KPOP boy group.

IN2IT has a total of 8 members; Yu Ji Ahn, Jung Yeon Tae, Hwang In Ho, Han Hyun Wook, Isaac Voo, Lee In Pyo, Kim Jin Seob and Kim Sung Hyun.

They debuted on 17th October 2017, immediately after the reality show, Boys24. They were managed by CJ E&M and MMO Entertainment, and their fans are called ‘IN2U’!

Last year, IN2IT  released their mini album “Carpe Diem” which represents the shift from being a ‘boy’ to a ‘man’. The title song ‘Amazing’ is a dance pop song with chill trap sounds in tropical beat and their music video was filmed in Kolsai Lake National Park, Kazakhstan! 

So, Malaysian IN2Us remember to give full support to our Oppa, Isaac Voo.

We would also like to wish Isaac the best of luck in the KPOP industry. You definitely make Malaysians feel proud!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee 

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