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Nadhira Makes a Comeback with Epic Song After 4 Years Hiatus

For the past four years, award-winning singer Nadhira went out of the radar. Since her last single #AV was released in 2014, the artist concentrated on other parts of her life.

But now, she’s back with a massive bang in the entertainment industry. Having just released her new song, Hold Me Down, not too long ago, Nadhira is making her mark once again.

She was born in Malaysia but grew up around different parts of the world; London, Brunei and Jakarta. When she was 18-years-old, she came back home and spread her influence in the music industry.

In 2010 alone, three of her songs, Do It Again, Breaking Up and You Got Me, reached #1 across Malaysian radio charts.

These songs from her EP titled From Malaysia with Love also scored her the opportunity to perform in Toronto, Canada.

For Hold Me Down, she collaborated with local rapper SXPH to produce a firing hit.

Nadhira tells xtra that the song is her way of saying hello.

“It’s my comeback single. It’s like saying “hey, I’m here!”.

“The song is about whether the guy is brave enough for me – to keep me grounded.”

She also shared in a previous interview that this song is about her ex.

“A past break up was what inspired the song.

“Every lyric written was exactly what I experienced in that relationship – when you’re finally ready to move on from the heartbreak, they come back and try to pull you back in, which is not a healthy thing to do.

“When Saph (SXPH) came in and added his flavour to it, it became an even bigger sound to me.

“Then, images were coming to my mind. Visually, I wanted Hold Me Down to be different, timeless and strong, yet simple at the same time. And that kind of lead to the concept of the music video.”

The music video is indeed unique. Located in barren and sandy land, it brought out a tough visual in the artist.

Check the MV out here:

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