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5 Drugstore Foundations Below RM40 That Actually Give You The Same Look As High Ends

If you wanna look 100 without actually spending RM100, we got you covered!

If you think getting a boyfriend is a first world problem, we actually think “choosing the right drugstore foundation” is the ultimate one. I mean, let’s face it we’ve actually spent approximately one hour or more at drugstore just to choose the one, the perfect foundation, whether it’s liquid, powder or cream. Getting the perfect foundation can be really really tricky especially when there are billions of brands and formulas out there.

But, fret not! We love to make things easier for you and this is why we list down our top 5 drugstore foundations below RM 40!

1. Catrice HD Foundation 

Before Maybelline Fit Me Foundation made it on top, there was  Catrice HD Foundation. It stocks quietly on the Catrice rack waiting for people to discover its miracle and we are so glad that we’ve found it. This liquid foundation is everything we wish for in a bottle. It is so full coverage that it can literally give you spotless flawless finishing look with just a few drops!

It is also easily buildable and long wearing, giving you the perfect coverage from day to night. There are rumors that this one is a dupe for Rihanna’s famous Fenty Beauty foundation!

You can get this at online store for a more affordable price. 

2. Maybelline Super Stay 

There’s a reason why Maybelline Super Stay was awarded as Allure Best Of Beauty 2018. First because it is full coverage and second, if you wonder why we put it on our second favorite list, is because it’s much more handy compared to the Fit Me foundation. The foundation comes in a pump bottle which makes things much easier as well as avoiding accidental and unnecessary spills. The foundation comes with 16 shades altogether, so you can choose which one complements your skin perfectly. 

It may be full coverage but it is so lightweight that it feels like your “second skin”. If you’re all about that Au naturel look, this one is for you! It is a long wear foundation and yes, it stays all day long. Plus, it’s so affordable!

You can shop the look here!

3. Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation 

You know that this one is a real deal when Ulta rated it as 5 star. Milani is still considered as a fresh new brand  in Malaysia and it is only available in certain Watsons outlets like Mid Valley and Berjaya Times Square. Neverthless, this moussey textured foundation offers a high coverage, yet it doesn’t look cakey on your skin. You can get a complete full coverage by building it up and it will still look super natural on your skin. 

With such a full coverage, no wonder there’s a rumor that this foundation is the dupe for Clinique foundation. 

If you can’t find it at Watsons. You can shop the look at the online store too!

4. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

If you’re not a matte kinda girl, you glow girl! You might not be a fan of its “paint-like smell” but aside from that, this foundation is almost perfect. The coverage is *chef kiss*, just drop a little bit of face oil and it’ll give you that dewy glowy look. It stays on your skin all day long  and it is super duper affordable with only just RM33. You can shop this at Sasa or online store for more affordable price. 

We also heard that this one is a dupe for the Tarte foundation. 

5.  Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Wear Foundation

The best thing about Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Wear Foundation is this foundation comes with SPF, so you’re good to go without sunscreen. This liquid foundation blends evenly so easily. Even if you stay too long under warm weather, it is sweat resistant and long wearing ; making it one the reason why it is great in humid countries. This foundation is suitable for normal to oily skin, yet it also work well for all skin types. 

There are talks in beauty town that this one is the exact dupe for Chanel foundation, so go get yours today at the online store.

We love giving some beauty hacks once in a while, and if you find the right foundation for you in this list. Yay! We got you covered!


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