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HONOR Band 5 Sport Opens For Pre-Sale RM10 Cheaper On 11.11

Working out has slowly started to become a plausible lifestyle for the modern peeps nowadays. But how do you ensure what you’re doing now helps you in getting fit?

Well, HONOR foresee this problem and took initiative in tackling the issue! On this 11.11, HONOR will be debuting its first-ever fit wristband — HONOR Band 5 Sport that is engineered specially for sports enthusiasts.

Designed with unique performance tracking, superintended with unbeatable motion data tracking, the brand’s latest eco-friendly wearable will be retailing at RM79 on hihonor, Lazada and Shopee

But! Exclusively on November 11th 2019, the fitness brand will be opened for pre-sale on Lazada at a very special price of RM69, complimentary of 1-year manufacturer warranty.

▲ The HONOR Band 5 Sport integrates smart features like running form monitoring, courtside sport performance tracking, daily activity tracking and monitoring, sleep monitoring and even message reminders.

HONOR fans and fitness geeks who checked out the wristband on its pre-sale will only required to pay RM6.90 upfront, and pay remaining of RM58 when it launches on November 11th.

For in-depth info on HONOR Band 5 Sport, visit HONOR’s official website at and official Facebook page at


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