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It’s Never Too Late to Protect the Beloved Women in Your Life

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd introduces TokioMarine-iLady, a life insurance plan exclusively for Malaysian women that provides female illnesses coverage and pregnancy benefit.

Tokio Marine recognises the growing demand for a lady insurance plan that provides better coverage for female illnesses and pregnancy.

With TokioMarine-iLady, a policy holder can enjoy coverage up to 160% of the basic sum assured and medical benefits for female illnesses which include reconstructive treatment or skin grafting due to an accident or cancer.

TokioMarine-iLady also provides pregnancy benefit to cover pregnancy complications amounting to 5% of the Basic Sum Assured or up to RM10,000.

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An optional childcare benefit, iBaby rider, can be added to allow extended protection coverage on the policy holder’s child for 6 years upon hospitalisation, incubation, congenital illness and more.

To welcome the arrival of a new baby, Tokio Marine is giving out a welcome gift worth up to RM3,500 for the child to own an education policy.

Toi See Jong, Chief Executive Officer of Tokio Marine Life, said,

“We understand that women have always been dedicated to other priorities and seem to put aside their own dreams.

“Now we have made planning ahead for their personal well-being and the future possible. Our plan can be customised and tailor-made to meet their needs at various stages in life.

“They are meant to be hassle-free, forward-planning and suitable for all ladies.”

Photo by Tong Nguyen van on Unsplash

Today, every 1 in 19 Malaysian women is at risk of breast cancer. A total of 1,682 new cervical cancer cases are diagnosed annually in Malaysia.

With unforeseen changes in our lives, the need for critical illness protection is necessary.

TokioMarine-iLady is available for female customers aged between 1 year and 65 years old and provides coverage until age 85 with pregnancy benefit coverage until age 46.

Toi added,

“TokioMarine-iLady is one of the first insurance plan for ladies that provides medical screening benefit.

“As ‘Hokenbito’, a professional life insurer, we aim to provide protection to our customers by promoting a healthy lifestyle and advocating disease prevention and early detection.”

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

For more information on TokioMarine-iLady, please visit Tokio Marine’s website or call us at 03-20596188, or visit our nearest branch.

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