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Planning a Holiday Soon? Here’s 16 Hot Destinations to Check Out

There are many public holidays coming up in May as well as the rest of the year. Well, Malaysia is known for having the most public holidays in the whole world after all.

This would mean that people are often searching for hotels and flight tickets. According to agoda, people are looking towards nearby hot spots instead of further destinations this time around.

Here’s the Top 10 most searched for destinations by Malaysians:

Ranking Destination Country
1. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2. Bangkok Thailand
3. Langkawi Malaysia
4. Malacca Malaysia
5. Penang Malaysia
6. Seoul South Korea
7. Taipei Taiwan
8. Cameron Highlands Malaysia
9. Hat Yai Thailand
10. Kota Kinabalu Malaysia





The list is a little bit different when it comes to Asian travellers on the other hand. The research which includes the whole of Asian agoda users yielded a slightly different result.

While Malaysians prefer going to smaller cities short getaways, the rest of Asia prefer large cities.

This is the top 10 destinations which Asian travellers are looking at:

Ranking Destination Country
1. Tokyo Japan
2. Bangkok Thailand
3. Osaka Japan
4. Hong Kong Hong Kong
5. Taipei Taiwan
6. Seoul South Korea
7. Singapore Singapore
8. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
9. Bali Indonesia
10. Kyoto Japan




Clearly, some of the favourite spots by both Asian and Malaysian travellers are Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur.


Bangkok has always been everyone’s choice due to the diverse cultures it offers. The bustling nightlife is suitable for the young and wild while their endless malls allow the shopping-addicts to shop til’ they drop.

For the ones who prefer to learn the ways of the Thai or understand the traditional cultures better, there are so many temples, museums and traditional shows available.

Meanwhile, we can’t leave out the delicious foods which the Thais have to offer. From spicy tom yung goong to crispy crickets, it’s impossible to stop eating while Bangkok.

Taipei is probably one of the more underrated cities in East Asia. Typically overshadowed by cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the capital of Taiwan has so much to offer to all sorts of tourists.

The one thing anyone must not miss while in Taipei is witnessing the Taipei 101 tower shooting out fireworks! The gorgeous sight is something only those whom have watched live dare say they’ve seen the most spectacular fireworks show.

As for Seoul, the city became the hottest Asian country when Korean dramas and pop music suddenly took over the entertainment scene throughout the whole world. This ultimately led to South Korea’s tourism industry booming exponentially.

Additionally, the country’s food, culture and language have also become common among foreigners. The Korean language is becoming a widely offered subject in various institutes while restaurants are popping up everywhere.

Obviously Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city to explore too. With the amount of hidden gems we have in KL, the whole city could turn into a mine.

Of course, we can’t miss out on all the amazing foods Malaysia has to offer too. Though some dishes are especially good in their respective regions, KL has got all of these exciting foods and more!

There are many places which we can visit in the upcoming public holidays. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to go to where the crowd is, you can check out these destinations.

But if you’re the type of person who enjoys peace and quiet, then perhaps you ought to look at different locations for your next holiday.

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