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Check Out the Winners of Legion of Champions Seriess III

Lenovo, the world’s leading PC and smart device manufacturer, has announced the kick-off of its Legion of Champions Series III (LoC III) Grand Finals. In partnership with Intel, this eSports competition will bring together over 60 gaming talents from 11 markets across Asia Pacific, as they seek to be crowned 2019’s LoC III champions.

This year’s tournament is the biggest one yet, including first-time competitors India, Japan and Korea, in addition to Hong Kong/Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. After multiple elimination rounds, local winning team, D.O.D will be representing Malaysia at the LoC III Grand Finals from 25 – 27 January 2019 at Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok.

Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia, said,

“LoC has become an annual highlight of Asia’s gaming calendar, and we are thrilled to be a part of it for the third time. We have seen tremendous support from our partners and players.

“We’re proud to be supporting our local teams in their journey to becoming eSports champions, and providing a platform for them to elevate their skills and experience.”

Malaysia local finals winning team, D.O.D, said,

“LoC has become synonymous with gaming excellence in the region. As gamers, we value these platforms as they provide us with the chance to compete with the cream of the crop in Asia.

“We’re honoured to be representing my country at this tournament and am looking forward to meeting fellow counterparts from across Asia!”

Local champions and grand finalists will be competing for a total combined prize pool of USD$35,000 (approximately RM146,000) – the largest of any LoC tournament yet.

At the end of the competition, the winning team will walk away with USD$7,000 and USD$5,000 worth of Legion Y530 notebooks, while the first and second runners-up will take home USD$3,000 and USD$2,000, respectively.

Ken Wong, President, Lenovo Asia Pacific, added,

“LoC is a testament to Lenovo’s ongoing commitment to foster Asia’s gaming community.

“With eSports’ meteoric rise in legitimacy and influence in the region, our initiatives seek to further connect like-minded enthusiasts and empower the next generation of gamers.

“Lenovo Legion was designed with gamers’ needs in mind and we will continue to provide the most exciting and relevant gaming experiences and devices.”

Meanwhile, George Chacko, Global Account Director for Lenovo, Asia Pacific and Japan, commented,

“With the rapid growth in Esports and gaming in Asia, Intel continues to support the industry through partnerships with the ecosystem, including global and regional gaming leagues such as Legion of Champions (LoC) with Lenovo, and provide the gaming community with the best-in-class gaming experience powered by Intel technologies.”

During the previous LoC, which was held earlier this year, the tournament had welcomed participation from close to 7,000 gamers and 20,000 on-site attendees.

Such events have become crucial and valuable moments for Lenovo to interact with the community and better understand their gaming needs and motivations.

The evolution of Lenovo Legion has been driven by feedback from the gaming community itself, with its latest innovations offering purposeful design to match the needs of the modern avid gamer – stylish and sophisticated on the outside, yet savage on the inside, delivering supreme performance for work and play.

Spectators can expect to experience the grit and tenacity of the gamers as they band together to seize the championship title.

Those who wish to be part of the excitement may also take part in the Rise of Legion walk-in tournaments, LAN party, and cosplay contests. Follow the epic journey at

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