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Road Rager Smashes Young Man’s Car at Segambut Roundabout

A man recently went on a rampage and smashed a younger man’s Proton Persona window after a case of road rage took place at the Segambut Roundabout, Harian Metro reported.

The incident took place at about 7.20pm of June 13th, 2018. The assaulter smashed the Proton Persona and demanded that the 19-year-old driver get out of the car, possibly to fight.

However, passersby who saw the commotion quickly went to calm the situation down.

Police Chief of Sentul District Assistant Commissioner R Munusamy told the press that they have reprimanded the angry man at the Sentul police station.

“According to early investigations, the incident took place after the 19-year-old Proton Persona driver was stopped by a Perodua Axia driver at the Segambut Roundabout.

“The suspect claimed that the victim was driving incorrectly. The suspect became angry before stabbing the victim’s bonnet with a knife, throwing a rock at the window, and breaking the window using a carjack.”

Due to safety reasons, the victim decided to stay inside his vehicle as the whole scenario took place.

“A few road users, especially the motorcyclists, stopped and asked the suspect to stop damaging the victim’s car.

“The incident was also recorded by other drivers. After the incident took place, a 30-year-old witness lodged a police report at the Sentul police station but we reprimanded him to aid in investigations.

“This is a case of road bullying. The authorities will continue investigating following Section 506 and 427 of the Penal Code for committing criminal intimidation and treacherous acts.”

It’s not cool to lose your cool. It sucks when people drive badly but that doesn’t mean we are warranted to behave like this.

The next time someone cuts you off or switch lanes without signalling, just keep calm and keep moving on.



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