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Grab These Iconic Limited Edition Ejen Ali The Movie Stamp Collection And Toy Figurines Before It’s Too Late!

There’s a new Ejen Ali The Movie mission called MISI:OPTIMUM currently happening at Orange Atrium Sunway Pyramid, starting from 10-15 December 2019.

READ Catch Ejen Ali Misi Optimum At Sunway Pyramid On 10-15 December 2019!

Fans can now fully immerse themselves in the high-tech spy world of Ejen Ali during EJEN ALI MISI:OPTIMUM. Over the six day event young Ejens will undergo a MATA Ejen training experience and join in the stage activities such as a special performance of the viral Mamak Maju dance, IRIS DIY Workshop and coloring contests. 

Due to the overwhelming response from fans, Ejen Ali has also announced the pre-sales of its first ever toy figurine range featuring Ejen Ali, Ejen Alicia and Ejen Rizwan. The figurines are priced at RM 21.90 each and will be available on for pre-orders. 

For those stamp lovers, don’t missed out the chance to grab a limited collector’s edition stamp set featuring the Movie’s film art and characters, priced at RM 35, along with stamp folder, a stamp sheet, a postcard and an envelope. The set will be available for purchase at the EJEN ALI MISI: OPTIMUM before its expected release from 26th December 2o19 onwards at 13 General Pos Offices and Pos Malaysia’s online store at 

EJEN ALI MISI : OPTIMUM is powered by Tenaga Nasional Berhad, in partnership with Pediasure, Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN) and Sunway Pyramid.

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《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》网络版!两组人马玩转甲洞争当「Sales King」

《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》网络版!当节目主持人遇上来自台湾的YouTuber,谁将会成为最后的Sales King呢?

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Busted! is Set for a Season 2 Before the First Season Even Ended

The show stars Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, EXO’s Sehun and more.

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《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》史上最难拍摄!峇株巴辖站

本地全新综艺节目《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》史上拍摄难度最高!柔佛峇株巴辖站~

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2019最强功夫电影《叶问4》于12 月20 日在大马上映,开画短短三天就突破了马币1050万,打破中文电影在大马有史以来首周开画票房纪录。

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#tontonKOPI : Ketagih Seks Dengan Ibu Sendiri?

Kajian mendapati anak lelaki yang memiliki hubungan yang rapat dengan ibunya terbukti tidak mudah berasa cemas atau mengalami masalah depresi.

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