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Filem By: Attiqah Mohd September 13, 2018 @ 10:00am

What’s That Smell? It’s a Good Cup of Kopi Brewing

Whether it’s a storyline or a cup of coffee, we sure love a refreshing one, right?

In line with that, Malaysia’s 1st and largest home-streaming service – tonton today unveiled its freshly brewed original series – KOPI.

Inspired by the local best-selling collection of fictional short stories – Fixi, a tonton original series: KOPI can be enjoyed exclusively on tonton every day starting 16th September until 10th October 2018.

Comprising of 25 episodes lasting 10 minutes each, the best 13 out of 19 short stories in the novel are brought to life in this exclusive original web series.

The 13-part series infuses different notes of coffee beans into thought-provoking subject matters exploring different themes such as family, community, love, life, obsession and fantasy.

A tonton original series: KOPI is a collective creative project of 13 different writers with a special visionary touch of executive producers, Faizul A. Rashid, Hafiz A. Rashid and Kamil Hashim promising to stimulate reflections and conversations on controversial modern day topics.

KOPI is directed by several local directors led by the acclaimed Megat Sharizal Mohamed Yusoff and supported by Mohd Faliq Mohd Sarif, Abdul Aliff Ihsan Abdul Rahman and Ahmad Safuan Abd Rashid instilling dynamic blends of coffee notes throughout the whole miniseries deciphering the dark and often-misunderstood sides of human stories.

A tonton original series: KOPI features a stellar local lineup such as Izzue Islam, Hafidz Roshdi, Zara Zya, Nad Zainal, Faizal Hussein, Hafreez Adam, Julia Farhana Marin, Redza Minhat, Zahiril Adzim, Jasmin Hamid, Mimi Lana, Syafie Naswip, Chelsia Ng, Tony Eusoff and many more.

According to Lead Director of KOPI, Megat Sharizal Mohamed Yusof,

“Coffee is undoubtedly a staple in today’s modern lifestyle.

“A tonton original series: KOPI is expanded to include multiple genres such as horror, comedy and romance packed in one compelling series.

“The designation of different directors for different episodes only set to create the best addictive storylines and is guaranteed to keep the audience glued to the screen yearning for more.”

Meanwhile, Airin Zainul, Director of tonton, Licensing and Merchandising Television Network Media Prima Berhad said,

“KOPI is a tonton original web series featuring the best 13 pieces of Fixi’s short stories in an effort to add more variant to the local entertainment genres.

“In parallel with the latest technological development, tonton, Malaysia’s biggest streaming portal with a total of 8.4 million registered users is offering the latest unique original content packed with powerful messages exclusive for fans of short stories and alternative genres.

“To hype up KOPI’s promotion, free cups of coffees were also served hot and fresh by the main cast on a special coffee truck as they pay a visit to selected media offices, campuses and strategic locations across the Klang Valley.

“tonton is now offering Malaysians its popular over-the-top (“OTT”) service for free.

“This is in-line with Media Prima’s Group-wide business transformation strategy to increase revenue through programmatic advertising, one of the fastest-growing digital revenue segments.”

All 25 episodes of a tonton original series: KOPI will be released every day starting 16th September 2018 until 10th October 2018 at 12.00pm. Enjoy all new episodes exclusive on in High Definition (HD).

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