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Over the last Saturday, #GoGegaria Fest 2018 was held at Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru, while the second location will be at Setia City Mall.

The event was a huge success, especially the insta-worthy locations where the public took loads of pictures.

From eye-poppingly colourful backdrops to vintage-hipster like spots, the #GoGegaria Fest is definitely a place for a weekend of fun.

Check out these 10 jaw-dropping locations to fill up your Instagram profile.

1. Wall of a Thousand Windows

Have you ever been to the ‘City of a Thousand Windows’ located at Jogjakarta, Indonesia? If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to visit the place, it is totally fine as #GoGegaria Fest brought these special windows to us.

With this colourful wall as the backdrop, pictures will get lots of like from all our followers for sure.

Pro tip: to take a beautiful picture with this amazing background, just point the camera at a 45° angle, strike a pose and then snap away. The picture will turn out well as it will show both the person and the whole backdrop.


2. Calling All Malaysians 

This colourful backdrop filled with words of encouragement to love our beloved country is the exact backdrop to show off your patriotism.

Words such as “Voice Out”, “Respect”, “Act Now” and many more will empower any Malaysian to show devotion towards our nation more.

Pro tip: face your camera lens upwards. With this angle, our legs will definitely look longer and skinnier too.


3. Vanakkam! Tower

‘Vanakkam’ means welcome in Tamil and this tower is placed near the entrance of all #GoGegaria Fests this year.

This pastel coloured tower is to warmly welcome all visitors and it was dubbed the hottest photo-op spot over the weekend thanks to its bright paint.

Pro tip: simply stand symmetrically with your partner and the end result will be perfect.


4. Iconic Biscuits and Tins

Remember reaching your hands deep into these retro and iconic tins to steal some biscuits when we were younger?

Amazingly, #GoGegaria Fest 2018 brought many of these nostalgic tins filled with old school snacks to the event, and we get the chance to take pictures with them.

Pro tip: a great pose for this location is the running man pose. Add a little bit of laughing expression and you’ll get the next most-liked picture on your Instagram.


5. “Say it, Feel It” Pipes

Who says that pipes are only used to transport water? #GoGegaria Fest 2018 came up with the creative idea of customising these pipes and painting them into different pastel colours.

Wow! It seems like this year’s Gegaria theme is all about pastel.

Pro tip: act like you’re talking into those pipes and have the photographer take a picture from the side.


6. ‘Chillax’ & ‘Lepak’ Colourful Umbrellas 

Colourful umbrellas have been a hit insta-worthy spot recently. Well, instead of going to Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya or Skrin Angkasa, just visit the fest where you’ve got all these amazing spots in one.

Besides, this spot also lives up its name as the most ‘Chillax’ place for all to hang out too. Sitting under these umbrellas while eating and chatting with your friends is just like going for a ‘Coachella’ concert in the United States of America.

Pro tip: Just relax! 😉


7. Throwback Tunnel Container

Image via Instagram @georgie_joseph

Re-purposing black containers have been all the rage lately thanks to the whole recycling hype. This particular metal box turned into an Insta-worthy location thanks to a simple makeover.

The container was painted black and the words GegaRia Fest was spray painted on it.


8. Down the Memory Lane – Antique TV

It is super difficult to come by these old electronic boxes anymore, which is why this particular set up is such a special part of the #GoGegaria Fest 2018.

Organisers gathered some of these outdated television sets that are probably older than most of us to be put on display during the event.

It is a great opportunity for the younger generation to get to see what our parents and grandparents previously got their entertainment from.


9. Best Captions of All Time

#Throwback to historical moments with some of the most legendary speeches and phrases made by our ex-Prime Ministers in this ‘Throwback Tunnel’.

Speech bubbles house the memorable comments made by Malaysia’s very own icons.

Wow, imagine being in a container box filled with these influential captions made by people who mean a lot to the country.


10. Logo Blocks

This life-size blocks is the location everyone absolutely have to take pictures at out of all of the above because we can’t say we’ve been to #GoGegaria Fest 2018 if we didn’t take pictures with these blocks.


For those who missed the #GoGegaria Fest 2018 in Johor Bahru, fear not as the next #GoGegaria Fest 2018 will be held at Perkarangan Stadium Darul Makmur, Kuantan on 24 February 2018.

So, mark your calendar and be there to check out all 10 beautiful locations. Oh, remember to put #GoGegaria in your social media posts too!


Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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