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Malaysian Wannables Can Purchase Exclusive Merchandises at CJ WOW Shop

As every Malaysian Wannable already knows, Wanna One’s ONE: THE WORLD tour will be making a pit stop in Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil on July 21st.

But to make things even more awesome, CJ WOW Shop will be putting the band’s official merchandise up for sale during a couple of their live segments.

Which means Wannables have the chance to snag these items at special prices.

Only on July 15th, 2018, Wannables have to tune into 8TV at 1PM and TV9 at 3PM!

The special items on sale are:

Wanna One Exclusive Merchandise

  • Limited edition ‘Ce& WannaOne Beat Wave’ T-shirts at only RM199 for 4 pieces
  • Wanna One Fan Kit at only RM199 for 6 items including the most sought after lip cards of the band members

Not to mention, a free mystery gift will be given out to the first few purchasers too. In fact, if you wanna be more kiasu than other fans, you can immediately pre-order the merchandise at CJ WOW Shop’s online store or phone app.

Not only that, you might just win free tickets to Wanna One’s concert right here in Kuala Lumpur too!

Follow these simple steps and stand a chance to win those tickets:

CJ WOW SHOP Wanna One Contest
Contest Date : 9th – 19th July 2018
Step 1 : Follow @cjwowshop Instagram
Step 2 : Repost Wanna One Official CJ Wow Shop Contest Poster from @cjwowshop Instagram page
Step 3 : Tag your friend that you would like to bring along with you to Wanna One concert in Kuala Lumpur on 21 July @ Axiata Arena with the caption “I wanna go to Wanna One concert with ______ “and include the hashtag #WannaOneWOW into your caption

Winners will be announced on July 20th!


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