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Media Prima Wins Multiple Awards

Malaysia’s largest integrated media group, Media Prima Television Network (MPTN), a division of the Media Prima Berhad group, has won the highest accolades at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2018 (Spark Awards), walking away with the coveted Media Company of the Year and Media Brand of the Year.

The wins followed a successful night for the group as it racked up 17 accolades for its customers, partner agencies and its own in-house campaigns in categories that included Best Campaign by a Media Owner, Best Content Team, Best Collaboration Team, Best Content Amplification, Best TV and Online Video, Best Programme Promotion and Best Launch and Relaunch. 

Johan Ishak, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN), added,

“I am pleased to see MPTN winning big tonight, taking home some of the most coveted titles at the Spark Awards.

“These recognition prove that TV is still unrivalled in reach, quality content production, ad effectiveness, and most importantly its ability to adapt to all audiences.

“At MPTN we have been quick to capitalise on these strengths to make our TV channels the driver of innovative content in what is now a platform agnostic ecosystem.

“Through our dynamic award-winning campaigns, we were able to demonstrate how TV can be broadcast, digital, mobile and even social, creating a unique mix of delivery platforms for the digital age.”

With its three-decade leading position in the mass Malay and Chinese audience, the network possesses a solid understanding of its audiences’ behaviours and preferences. As a result, it was able to channel its resources effectively to deliver compelling, creative and impactful campaigns that also drove solid business results for brands and partners.

According to Nini Yusof, Director, Sales & Strategy, MPTN,

“The victories tonight is testament to the passion, creativity and tenacity demonstrated by our solid commercial and content team.

“They have gone over and beyond conventional boundaries to deliver creative, insight-driven and result-oriented campaigns, with a touch of emotion to draw millions of viewers.

“In this new era of media consumption, content is king. It must be able to connect with and engage audiences anytime, anywhere and on any platforms.

“At MPTN, we have developed the winning formula to optimise these contents and we hope to continue delivering solid work that leverages our in-house expertise now and the future.”

MPTN’s winning campaigns for the night include #MisiAspirasi for AirAsia, Mocha Kau Bahagia for McDonalds, GoGo Wonderful, Terima Kasih, GoGegaria, Pentas Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) 32 Bergerak, Coke One Brand with Dapur Bonda and Bergerak Bersama Pentas AJL for Samsung Galaxy A8.  Big Tree Outdoor on the other hand won 2 Silver Awards and 1 Bronze Award for its Digital Tower Series @ TTDI.

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