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Scooter Braun Backs Kris Wu Up Against Fake Chart Numbers Controversy

After Kris Wu released his first ever album, Antares, on November 4th, 2018, he’s been encircled in rumours of having manipulated the music ranking charts.

He topped the US iTunes album and singles sales charts with said album which made a lot of people speculate some fraudulent activities.

It was such a major issue that fans of other stars filed for an investigation!

Scooter Braun, an American music executive who’s famous for being the one who founded Justin Bieber and helped propel him into stardom, came forward to publicly defend Kris.

On his Instagram, he wrote,

“Over the past few days I have become aware of an artist named @kriswu. Last night we had an opportunity to connect and talk and show respect.

“We learned of each other since many rumours have come out about both us in connection to his newest release. Kris is a great artist who on a global scale is a star.

“It was explained to he and I last night that because his release was held back in China for his birthday his fans went and got the music any way they could and that was US Itunes.

“Once the release in China took place the fans had their access. He has never been removed from the charts on iTunes. That is false.

“Those were real people from the US and international community and not bots like many have rumoured. I have never wished anything bad for Kris nor any other artist and those saying otherwise are wrong.

“Any fans of anyone I manage who are using this opportunity to spread any sort of division or racism are dead wrong and I won’t stand for it.

“The music community is international and no longer held by borders. Kris happy birthday and you showed yourself to be a global star. Glad we got to connect and speak and keep your head held high.

“This is just the first of many achievements for you. And for those using my name for false rumours now you know exactly where I stand.

“Keep it positive.”

Indeed it is very impossible for the charts to be faked if it weren’t for the fact that countless fans actually showed up at his Release Party in Club X, San Francisco.

Even the interviewer of the event stated,

“There’s a some controversy because this guy sold so many albums and streamed so many albums that American companies were like ‘what?’…

“I’m just gonna say it on camera right now, there’s no other artist we’ve ever had, with the notice that we’ve put out, has had people show up like this.”

Watch the interview clips here:

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Don’t forget to check out Kris’ new album Antares on iTunes and Spotify, and November Rain’s music video on YouTube.

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