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Make this Resort in Bintan Your Christmas Holiday Destination

The most stylish estate on Indonesia’s Bintan Island, The Sanchaya has unveiled an extravagant program of Christmas activities to see 2018 out with a bang.

Located just 50 minutes away from Singapore, the beachfront property boasts colonial-inspired design features and a stately home atmosphere, complete with breathtaking views across the crystal clear ocean.

On 17th December, The Sanchaya will be creating a celebratory visual display, complete with lavish Christmas decorations and a giant gingerbread house, baked by the resident Chef Patissier to reflect the stylish exteriors of the estate itself.

The Sanchaya’s calendar of Christmas and New Year events officially kicks off on 21st December with a Champagne and caviar tasting in association with Carelian Caviar.

Produced in crystal-clear Nordic waters in Finland’s North Carelia water district, the luxurious caviar boasts a perfectly balanced texture, aroma and flavour, and is 100% natural and sustainable. Carelian Caviar is the first Northern European producer of  black gold, and will be on offer to guests of the Sanchaya alongside fine Champagnes from 6pm on 21st and 29th December.

Further delighting guests throughout the festive season, on Christmas Eve, Estate Manager, Magnus Olovson, will host an intimate cocktail soirée in the bar, which will be followed by a traditional Christmas dinner, complete with all the trimmings.

Christmas Day itself will be a relaxed affair, with a wine & cheese session hosted by estate sommelier, Jeroen L’abée adding a touch of splendour.

Moving away from more traditional Christmas celebrations, 28th December will take on an Arabian spin, with chilled DJ beats setting the backdrop to an informal evening of shisha and spiced middle eastern cocktails and authentic Moroccan mint tea in the outside bar area.

The most glamorous event of The Sanchaya’s calendar will take place on the 31st December, when the annual New Year’s Eve gathering is held at the estate.

The exclusive evening is set to transport guests on a culinary journey in a setting reminiscent of the most extravagant of private house parties – starting in the Decanter and Library, revellers will enjoy aperitifs alongside shaved iberico, port-infused Stilton and other gourmet delights, before moving into the bar for appetisers and The Dining Room for the main course.

Dessert will see a return to the bar area, where renowned DJ, Patrick Oliver, will spin an energetic set to raise the tempo.

Hailing from Miami where he performed at some of the city’s most legendary nightclubs, Patrick moved to Asia to take the helm of Kuala Lumpur’s Euphoria with Ministry of Sound, before taking on the role of resident DJ at Singapore’s iconic underground nightclub, Pangaea.

His unique, cutting-edge sound will create the backdrop for The Sanchaya’s grown-up affair, set to be full of indulgence, with a glorious firework display to mark the strike of midnight.

The following morning, guests can ease into the New Year over a recovery brunch, complete with DIY Bloody Mary and Champagne station.

In addition to the line-up of gourmet events, The Sanchaya will be offering special spa packages from 18th December, including festive scrubs created by Spa Manager, Ria Cantle, and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine after each treatment.

Throughout the course of the season, regular croquet and archery tournaments will be held on the estate lawns, complete with Provence Rosé and fresh strawberries.

The nonchalant elegance of the estate lends itself to both intimate and larger group getaways throughout the season, with plenty to occupy guests from day to night.

Estate Manager, Magnus Olovson said of the festivities,

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure our guests have endless fun, food, and, of course, Champagne!”

All events are exclusively available to resident guests of The Sanchaya.

For reservations, please call +62 770 692200 or email [email protected].

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