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As Potterheads, we totally adore anything and everything related to the magical world in Hogwarts. As much as we love each and every houses in the magic school, we definitely have got pride when it comes to our own houses.

For those of you who don’t get what’s going on (psh! Muggles!), there are 4 houses to which students will be sorted into when they are enrolled into the Hogswart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

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Growing up reading and watching Harry Potter, one definitely should NOT miss out on owning this super-affordable and cute bag collection by Danielle Nicole!

At the very least, we should all own our respective house’s merchandise right. Yes, we’ve got the robes, we’ve got the uniforms, we’ve even got the wands to complete our Hogwarts student look.

But we cannot just neglect these charming purses.

Raved as being the hottest bag collection in town, this bag collection arrives just in time for the holiday season of sprinkling magic and fashion wonders into our wardrobes!

But hey, living with a mantra of “once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead”, surely these bags are to be kept FOR A LIFETIME! 

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This brilliantly inspirational collection was done by Danielle Nicole who’s famous for coming up with other cool merchandise collections for Rugrats and Disney previously.

Whether you’re going with backpacks or pouches, ALL of them are embellished with the sort of luxe and magic that even Dumbledore would be jealous of! 

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Regardless if you’ve been sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, there’s a bag for each of them. Ranging from $38 (RM155.29) to $78 (RM318.75), HP fans will be stoked to learn that this line of bags won’t require you to break the bank!

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This collection was recently released on the 1st of December, so make sure you head over to Danielle Nicole’s website here to pre-order any bag that best suits your HP inner spirit!

As the famous Dumbledore saying goes:

“It does not do to dwell on Dreams and forget to Live”

With these hot and super affordable bag collection, you may now be able to LIVE YOUR DREAMS! 

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蛇(1941 / 1953 / 1965 / 1977 / 1989) 肖蛇的朋友今年为冲太岁年,冲者为动,容易有感情, 事业和居所变化, 但变化本身并无好坏之分,要配合个人的大运和流年命格才可判断。虽然今年命宫中有众多凶星汇集,幸好还有化煞星的照耀,可使任何灾祸消灭,亦可算是平安是福。 由于今年也是肖蛇朋友的驿马年,容易有迁移,外出变化之象。 驿马也代表有机会往外地发展事业或今年经常有机会旅游,或者只是去较远的地方,不一定有重大变化。 【事业运】 事业方面今年会有诸多阻滞,而且又多小人破坏阻扰,必须设法挣扎向上,以免久沉不振。正所谓穷则变,变则通。肖蛇的朋友若想在逆境中求存,就必须尽力变通革新,固步自封只会自取灭亡。 【财运】 今年财运上会有大破财的危机,会因为过度挥霍而失去预算, 要尽量避免以信用卡签账财,同时切勿赌博或作投机买卖,以免焦头烂额!今年宜多储蓄,以备不时之需。 【感情运】 感情方面今年比较容易起变化,不过变化未必一定是坏的,可以是分手,结婚或者是生孩子。不过,今年会与伴侣聚少离多,容易因口角而分开,必须要慎防有人乘虚而入,欺骗感情,最终导致人财两失。 【健康运】 健康方面今年要小心出入,出门远行时也必须要小心留神, 以免乐极生悲!此外,今年也要多加关注父母或长辈的健康状况,一旦发现有什么毛病,就必须带他们立刻就医。 ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ 【幸运号码】 2029 、 3746 【开运颜色】 黄色、橙色、红色 【开运贴士】 出国旅游或公干必须购买旅游保险;建议购买一些奢侈品或加大保险金额以应破财!   ■ […]

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