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Hey Starbucks Lovers, Here’s a New Set of Tumbler Collection for You

Starbucks mugs and tumblers have become one of the main attractions of the massive coffee chain. Aside from purchasing their delicious and sweet drinks, collecting their various tumblers have also turned into a hobby for many.

In fact, some of the truly passionate collectors would even purchase special or limited editions from overseas. Some of the favourites include the Sakura collection, Christmas collection, Valentine’s Day collection, and Malaysia National Day’s collection.

This time, Starbucks Malaysia is adding another set of special limited edition collection to their official merchandises.

And what makes this particular lot so much more interesting is that the coffee company collaborated with fashion house Paul & Joe to bring a touch of Parisian chic to Malaysia this summer. 

All of the limited-edition Starbucks Malaysia merchandise features Paul & Joe’s iconic Chrysanthemum floral print in soft pink and pastel blue colours. The collection also features the power fashion house’s founder Sophie Méchaly’s beloved pet cat, Gipsy, which is her inspiration and the symbol of the fashion house.

The exclusive collection includes stylish drinkware, tote bags and the Starbucks® Bearista dressed up in an outfit inspired by Gipsy the cat.


Their drinkware includes the Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Double Walled Mug Floral which are ceramic mugs with plastic lids and gold detailing.

On the other hand, the Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Thermos Tumblers features Thermos stainless steel tumbler with spill-proof lid.

As for the Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Tote Bag, it is a poly-cotton tote bag with polyester lining featuring Gipsy and Paul & Joe’s signature Chrysanthemum floral pattern.

Additionally, there’s a super cute special item too which is the Paul & Joe + Starbucks® Bearista – a Starbucks® Bearista dressed in Gipsy inspired outfit and accompanied by his best pal.

Regarding to the launch of the new collection, the Director of Marketing of Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei, Esther Woo said,

“Paul & Joe’s designs are all about ‘fun-loving sophistication’.

“Just as our customers are always looking out for new styles and trends, Starbucks is persistently seeking out sought-after designers from around the world that share our passion for fun, so that we can bring exciting new collections to stores here in Malaysia.”

This new collection is available starting April 24th, 2018 onwards at selected Starbucks stores across Malaysia, while stocks last. For more information on this collection, you can check out Starbucks official website

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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