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Agents, 5 Fun Facts You Should Definitely Know About Ejen Ali: Misi Ejen Rush!

Attention to all Agents, it’s time to gear up and run for your life!

Ejen Ali The Movie, the most highly anticipated animation and action packed movie will be holding its first ever running event, “Fun Run & Obstacle Challenge”.

These are the 5 fun facts you should definitely know about Ejen Ali: Misi Ejen Rush!

1. The fun run will take place at The West Garden, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya  starting from 6.00 am till 11.30 am, so be ready to wake up super duper early, get your coffee and gear up for the run.

2. Around 3,000 participants are expected to join the run including local celebrities, social media influencers,  and of course die hard Ejen Ali fans.

3. There are tons of fun activities to do like win and watch, merchandise giveaways, lucky draw sessions and also a special performance by local popstar, Izmail Izzani. 

4. The fun run offers an exciting, heart pumping activity for the fans, ‘Ejens’ will face four challenges based on Ejen Ali M.A.T.A’s core pillars Kombat, Tekno, Inviso and Neuro.

5. Participants get to receive an Ejen Ali Race Kit; t-shirt, a drawstring bag, race bib, e-certificate and a finisher medal.

Ejen Ali: Misi Ejen Rush is exclusively brought to you by Primeworks Studios and WAU Animation, powered by Pediasure and Bananana!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s gear up for the fun, heart pumping activities and run for your life!

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