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Cyberjaya the New Undeniably Safest Town

Cyberjaya is roughly a half-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is well-known as the core city of technology and innovation.

Cyberjaya, Setia Haruman, the master developer of Cyberjaya has worked with many parties to enhance the livability of the city which includes improving the safety and security of its residences.

There are a large number of workers in Cyberjaya who are required to work night shifts due to the nature of their profession. Of course, be if man or woman, safety is still the number one priority.

In putting a high-level priority on the safety and security of Cyberjaya residents, the town is backed by an efficient safety ecosystem, with the fully integrated Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS) 999 CCTV system which was first launched in 2009.

This is also in conjunction to make Cyberjaya become a crime-free city. Residents would feel and be safer in Cyberjaya at every hour around the clock.

Kayathri Maheswaren, a 35-year-old woman who has been working at an international information technology services company in Cyberjaya for more than nine years, says,

“I feel that night shifts are no longer a concern among employees like myself. The DTS bus system is very convenient for commuters who live in other parts of the Klang Valley and there are plenty of food outlets available, quite a number of which open till late at night.

“Even for those who are driving home or to work at night, the streets are brightly lit and well-patrolled by the police.”

To celebrate woman power, Setia Haruman is also releasing a video series called the ‘Wonder Women of Cyberjaya’ which showcases stories of women from different occupations who are making a positive impact to the city and its people.

Wendy Li, Chief Operating Officer of Setia Haruman highlights that women have always been a driving force in transforming Cyberjaya into the progressive city that it is today.

“There are approximately 60,000 women living or working in Cyberjaya. All of them are champions of their own accord.

“We have exceptional corporate mommies who juggle career and family, tireless law enforcement officers who help ensure the safety and well-being of the community, and students who regard the city as their hub for creative and educational excellence.”

Cyberjaya has many more to offer with its affordable residential buildings, schools, entertainment buildings, recreational parks, food outlets and other facilities which will make Cyberjaya become a complete all in city to live in.

To catch the ‘Wonder Women of Cyberjaya’ series, follow Setia Haruman on their Instagram and Facebook. You can also find updates on the city’s progression and events there.

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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